Best Food For Guppies – Our Top Picks and Tips for Strong Nutrition

best food for guppies

Guppies are such a fantastic species of fish. They are easily one the most beautiful species, especially the males with their long, brightly colored tails. 

Choosing the best food to feed your guppies is not the easiest of tasks. There are so many different types and brands to choose from. It is often difficult to differentiate which one is the best. Thankfully we have done all of the research so you do not have to.

In this article, we will be discussing five of the best guppy foods on the market. We have included a useful buyer’s guide so that you are aware of everything you should look for. We have also included a frequently asked questions section to answer any questions you may have.

We hope that you will find this article swimmingly good!

best food for guppies

In A Hurry?If you are in a rush, here is our top choice for the best food for guppies. Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food

We have chosen this food because it is formulated specifically with guppies in mind. 

It contains everything a guppy will need in terms of nutrition, and it is a palatable food. The food is small pellets that do not affect your overall water quality. They are soft and semi-floating.

The food only comes in one size, which is a 0.77oz bag. It is one of the more expensive brands given the small bag size. However, the ingredients are fantastic.

The food contains natural color enhancers and seaweed which helps with reproduction. It also contains nutrients such as chitosan and stabilized vitamin C which helps with their immune system. 

Overall, we think this food is a fantastic option for your guppies.


Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food, 0.77 oz (22g)

Hikari is one of the most popular fish food brands. Although their food is at the higher end of the price range, the price is justified given the quality. This food is specifically tailored towards guppies.

It only comes in one size which is 0.77oz. When you compare the price with the size of the bag, it is more expensive in comparison to other brands.

What is excellent about the Fancy Guppy Fish Food is that it contains natural color enhancers that are completely safe for your fish. In addition to this, it has great ingredients such as chitosan and stabilized vitamin C. These help with your guppies’ overall health and immune system.

This food is a soft granule that is semi-floating. This will give you guppies plenty of opportunities to eat the food easily. The pellet granules are designed to not disintegrate into the water thanks to the micro-coating. 

This food will help with reproduction as it contains seaweed, which is a natural source of iodine. Overall, we think that this is a fantastic choice of guppy food and contains everything they will need to thrive.


  • Created specifically with guppies in mind
  • Helps with reproductive capacity
  • Contains excellent ingredients such as chitosan and stabilized vitamin C


  • On the higher end of the price scale when you take into consideration the bag size


Hikari Usa Inc AHK21108 tropical Micropellets 1.58-Ounce

These Hikari Micro Pellets are not guppy specific, but they are suitable. They are one of the more expensive brands included in this article.

The food is only available in one bag size - 1.580z. However, the quality is reflected in this price.

This food is a semi-floating granule, that is particularly small in size. It is a great option for guppies and guppy fry.

It uses ingredients that are best suited to smaller tropical fish and all of the ingredients are high quality. 

It has a good blend of proteins and it is particularly palatable.

The unique Micro-Coating helps to prevent the food from breaking down too quickly in the tank, and locks in all of the nutrition. 

The food sinks slowly and contains krill and spirulina which have natural color enhancing properties. It is a soft texture and will be easy for your guppies to consume.


  • Semi floating soft granules
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Contains krill and spirulina to help enhance the color naturally


  • One of the more expensive fish food brands


Tetra 16106 Min Tropical Flakes, Nutritionally Balanced Fish Food, 7.06-Ounce

TetraMin is a popular choice when it comes to fish food as they are a trusted brand. This fish food is not guppy specific but is suitable for them.

It can be purchased in the following sizes - 0.42oz, 1oz, 2.2oz, 7.06oz, 2.2lb, and 4.52lb. 

This is great because it allows you the option of saving money and buying in bulk. This is a very reasonably priced food considering how high quality its ingredients are. 

This food is great for surface feeding fish, such as guppies. It is a complete diet that contains no gelatin.

It has a good mix of proteins and contains antioxidants and prebiotics. The food is balanced in its nutrition and contains everything your guppies need to thrive. 

As the food is a flake, it is great for smaller guppies. It also has a clearer water formula. This should help to prevent your tank from becoming messy and cloudy after use. 

The food helps to promote your fishes’ natural color and overall health.

Some people have noted issues with the quality control of the packaging and seals of some of the tubs they have received.


  • Gelatin free
  • Comes in a range of tub sizes
  • Good mix of proteins, and constraints antioxidants and prebiotics


  • Some users have experienced some quality control issues with the packaging and foil seals


API TROPICAL MINI PELLETS Mini Sinking Pellets Fish Food 1.7-Ounce Container

API is another well-loved and trusted brand of fish food. This food is available in a range of sizes, such as - 0.36oz, 1.1oz, 1.7oz, 2.1oz, and 5.7oz. In terms of price, it is very reasonable. It would be a great choice if you were on more of a budget.

This is a micro pellet food that is small enough for guppies to eat comfortably. The pellets will sink if they are not eaten, but they are created to float for a period first. 

It is made in the USA with good quality ingredients. It is apple free and contains a blend of banana, garlic, and vanilla. It has an optimal protein that helps to promote growth.

It contains everything your guppies need to maintain their overall health. Its formulation helps to prevent a build-up of ammonia by up to 30%. If used correctly your tank water will not become cloudy. 

The pellets are easy to crush and break up if you have smaller guppies. It is worth noting that some guppies may not enjoy the taste of this food.


  • Good choice of size options
  • Good quality ingredients
  • Helps to stop ammonia build-up by 30% that is caused by food


  • May not be the most palatable of fish food


Tetra Tropical Color Flakes 7.06 Ounces, Clear Water Advanced Formula

The Tetra flakes are not a guppy specific food, however, they do help to enhance the overall color of tropical fish. This is great for guppies.

This fish food comes in a 7.06-ounce tub which should last a good amount of time. It is great value for money considering the quality of the ingredients.
Tetra Flakes are celery free and contain a good mix of proteins.

It will meet your guppy’s nutritional needs, and contains antioxidants and prebiotics. These will help to aid digestion and overall health.
When you use this food correctly it will not cloud your water.

As this is flake food, it is great for guppies as they surface feed. This is also good for smaller guppies as you can break the food down into smaller flakes.

This is a complete food and is produced by a well-known and trusted brand. It is worth noting that this is a new formula and some fish owners do not like the new formula as much as the old one.


  • Celery Free
  • Contains antioxidants, prebiotics, guppy’s and good sources of protein
  • Good value for the money


  • Recent formula change that some users are not as fond of

Best Food For Guppies Buying Guide

We have compiled a useful buyer’s guide for you to take a look at. The buyer’s guide includes everything you should take into consideration before you purchase fish food for your guppies.


When purchasing guppy food, you first need to take into consideration the overall cost of the food. We would always recommend choosing a guppy food that is within your budget.

When looking at the food, you should also factor in the size of the packet or tub that the guppy food comes in. A larger tub may be more expensive to purchase outright.

But, in the long run, it will last you significantly longer in comparison to a smaller packet.

The Type Of Guppy Food

While there are many different forms of fish food, there are two main types of fish food that you can purchase for your guppy. These are fish flakes and fish pellets, both of which have their pros and cons.


What is great about fish flakes is that they can be broken down into very small pieces. This is great if you have young guppies and you are looking for food to feed them. 

As guppies are surface feeders, fish flakes are a great option as they will float on the surface for a longer period.

However, it is always worth taking into consideration that fish flakes do slightly increase the risk of swim bladder as your fish are staying at the surface for longer. 

While this does not happen overly often, it is worth keeping in mind. In addition to this, fish flakes can be a little more difficult to remove if uneaten.

In comparison to pellets, they will disintegrate into the water a lot quicker. This can have an overall effect on your water quality. 


Pellets are a great option as they will float to the bottom of the tank quicker, even if they are semi-floating. 

It is worth noting that as guppies will remain fairly small, you will want to choose pellets that are small enough for them to consume. Micro pellets would be the best option.

As mentioned above, pellets disintegrate at a slower rate when compared to flakes, and given this, they are easier to remove if they are left uneaten by your guppies.

However, they are slightly more difficult to break up for baby guppies in comparison to flakes.


As with any type of fish food, you need to ensure that the ingredients are of good quality. There are a few things you need to look for when you are choosing guppy food.

No Fillers Or Harmful Ingredients

One of the most important things to consider is what is in the guppy food. The best foods will state on the packaging that they contain no filler.

If a fish food contains filler, it will not fully satisfy the fish. In addition to this, the filler can often disagree with your guppies.

While it is natural to assume that guppy food will not contain fillers, this is not always the case. This is why it is essential to check the ingredients list before purchasing.

Good Nutrition And Real Proteins

To have happy and healthy guppies, a nutritious diet is essential. A good fish food will have vitamins such as B, D, D, and E.

In addition to this, the food should also help with overall stress. Ingredients such as Omega 3 and 6 are great for this. Real proteins are essential in the diet of any fish. They will help to give them energy.

Color Enhancement

While color enhancement is not necessarily essential, it is important to an extent. The color enhancement will stop your guppies from looking dull and give them an overall color boost. This is more for the fish owner than for the fish themselves. 

Guppy’s Mouth Shape And Digestion

The shape of a guppy’s mouth is upturned. This has an overall impact on how they eat food. A guppy will find it easier to eat from the surface of the water.

Given this, they do prefer flakes or pellet food that is soft and will sink slowly.

In addition to a Guppy’s mouth shape, you want to ensure that the food is palatable and easy to digest. The better the quality of the food, the better the overall digestion will be. 

Water Quality

As any fish owner will know, the most important aspect of keeping fish is the quality of the water. If your water quality is bad, this will have an overall impact on the fish themselves. Taking this into consideration, the food you choose should disintegrate slowly. 

The majority of good quality food will not produce a lot of waste or leak into the water.

Naturally, the longer you leave uneaten food in a fish tank, the more likely it is to cause clouding and affect your overall water quality.

When you are feeding your fish, only feed them enough food that they can digest in a few minutes.

With any leftover food, it is best to remove it as quickly as possible. Overfeeding can not only make your fish ill, but it causes levels such as ammonia and nitrite to rise. This in turn can cause harm to your fish if left unresolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked questions that you may have about guppy food.

How Often Should You Feed Guppies?

Ideally, you should feed adult guppies around twice a day. However, they can be fed once a day. How often you feed them is down to you.

However, it is important to remember not to overfeed them, especially if you are feeding the guppies more than once a day. A small pinch of food will suffice. 

If you have guppy fry, they will need to be fed more often. You will need to feed them around 6 to 8 times a day. As they are so small, the amount of food you give them will need to reflect this. 

Always remember that your guppies will keep looking for food.

Some people mistake this for hunger and feed them more, but this can cause issues with overfeeding. Two feeds a day is more than enough to keep your guppies satisfied.

Do I Need To Purchase Food Specifically For Guppies? 

You do not necessarily need to purchase food specifically for guppies. If you own an aquarium that has multiple species of fish, we understand that feeding them all individual foods can be a difficult and expensive task.

However, if you do choose a food that is specifically created for guppies, it does have its advantages. As the food is created for one breed of fish, it will include ingredients that will specifically help with your guppies’ overall health and growth. 

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