Best (Automatic) Rabbit Feeders – Top Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Looking for the best automatic rabbit feeder?  We’ve got you covered here.  Getting the right feeder for your pet is a crucial step.  One of the most important parts of caring for your rabbit is to make sure they’re always properly fed.

So how can you make sure they’re always fed and can get to their food, even if you might not be at home?  The answer is an automatic rabbit feeder, which is an essential thing to have for your pet.

In this article, we’ve made a list of the best automatic rabbit feeders for you to choose from.  We’ve chosen options for whether you’re the parent to just one or many rabbits, and we’ve even included a few non-automatic rabbit feeders in there to compare with.

Stick around until the end for more tips on how to get the most out of your automatic rabbit feeder, and a guide to the features you should be looking out for when comparing products.

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks:

Best Automatic Rabbit Feeder Reviews

WOPET SmartFeeder, Automatic Pet Feeder

When it comes to the best automatic rabbit feeder it’s hard to beat the WOPET SmartFeeder, which also happens to be a great automatic cat feeder too.

It’s a high tech feeder that has a lot of features which make your life easier, and in turn your rabbit gets access to easy food.  The WOPET almost works like it’s a pet sitter, and can be set remotely to feed your rabbit automatically with a mobile device.  You can also choose to use this feeder manually if you chose to do that.

Another neat feature is the inclusion of an HD camera and microphone, both of which can be accessed through a mobile app.  It’s a great way to see your pet and monitor their meals when you aren’t at home!  You can also chat with your pet or play a scheduled voice recording for each meal time.

This feeder has two separate food dispenser trays, which can be interchanged depending on what your needs are and how many rabbits you have to feed.  You can also program portion sizes to control just exactly how much food comes out of the feeder for each meal – which is important for setting good feeding habits for your pet.

Even if the power in your home goes out, this feeder can also run off of batteries to make sure your rabbits always have access to their food.

This feeder is suitable for dry food only, and is perfect for any sort of dry rabbit food that’s in your pet’s diet.


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HoneyGuaridan A36 Pet Automatic Food Dispenser


The HoneyGuardian Automatic Food Dispenser is a great choice for the best automatic rabbit feeder, and is offered at a good price too.

It allows you to dispense 1 to 80 portions at a time (each portion is 1/16 of a cup), and has a food storage capacity of up to 13 cups of dry food.  You can also schedule up to 6 meals per day, and the feeding schedule will automatically be followed even if the feeder gets shut down.  The feeder can also run off of batteries in the event that your power goes out.

The food container and stainless steel food bowl can both be removed and easily cleaned for when it’s time to give the feeder a rinse.  You will also be notified when it’s time to refill your bunnies food thanks to a built in food level alarm.  When your rabbit’s food level gets low, a blue LED light will flash to remind you.

You can also record a feeding message for your bunny thanks to a built in audio recorder.  It will play a 10 second message to call him or her to their food when it’s meal time.

This feeder also has a couple of great features to ensure that jams don’t happen.  An infrared sensor will detect when the bowl is full and stop the flow of food.  Also if food does get stuck inside of the feeder, the motor knows to rotate the opposite direction which will immediately dislodge the food.


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BELOPEZZ 6Liters Smart Pet Automatic Feeders


With 6 liters of food storage capacity, the BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Feeder is a quality feeder that is sure to keep your bunnies with full tummies.

If your pet happens to not be hungry and leaves food in the bowl though, the feeder will detect this and withhold dispensing food to avoid excessive feeding.  You can also set your preferences with the feeder how it should handle this situation if you prefer to have more food dispense.

Similar to the other best automatic rabbit feeders on this list, you can record a 10 second audio message to be played for your pet at meal time.  You can also schedule up to 4 different meals at different times with different quantities with the BELOPEZZ Smart Feeder.

If your main power supply ever goes out, this feeder can be powered by D size batteries.  Three D sized batteries can power this feeder for up to two years, which offers great peace of mind while you are away from your bunnies.


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Kaytee Pet Food Dispensers


If the high tech features don’t mean as much to you, a great basic rabbit feeder is the Kaytee Food Dispenser.  It’s a classic, manual bunny feeder that will get the job done day in and day out for your pets.

It’s designed to offer a clean supply of food and hay to your rabbit in a simple and organized style.  You can easily secure it to the inside of a cage thanks to included clips, and it’s an ideal size that won’t take up too much of your pet’s valuable cage space.

The top compartment is designed for hay, and the bottom compartment is for other food – like pellets or even veggie snacks for your rabbit like bell pepper.


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andwe Hay Feeder Less Wasted Feeding Rack for Rabbit


If you’re in need of a rabbit feeder for multiple rabbits, the andwe Hay Feeder is a great choice.  It uses a tower design with a moat style trough at the bottom of the feeder, which allows you to feed your bunny both hay and other foods at the same time.

The top cover is removable which allows you to easily refill your hay when food supply runs low.  The base is sturdy and can be placed wherever is most convenient, most times the corner of your bunny’s cage is ideal.

Size wise, this feeder fits about one day’s worth of hay for your pet.  Since it’s not an automatic feeder, you’ll need to refill it when food runs low.  Thankfully the process of refilling this feeder is quite easy.

The aesthetic design is also really nice and fits in nicely to most bunny cages.  The feeder is made of birch wood and has a very natural look to it.


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STKYGOOD Rabbit Feeder


Another great manual rabbit feeder to consider is the STKYGOOD Rabbit Feeder, which is an affordable feeding option for your bunnies.  It’s specifically designed for smaller animals like rabbits, gunniea pigs, and chinchillas.  Because of that, it keeps your bunny’s cage organized and as clean as possible as you feed them.

Similar to other bunny feeders, there’s separate compartments for hay and other foods so you can feed them a complete diet.  The upper section is for grass/hay feeding, and the bottom trough style section is a food bowl.  The grass rack section is also removable, which makes the entire feeder easy to clean.

A adjustable back lock design means you can mount the feeder to your pet’s cage and adjust the height after that’s done without any extra tools.


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Best Rabbit Feeder – Buying Tips

Here are a few of the most important considerations you should take into account before buying the best rabbit feeder for your pet’s needs.

Automatic Rabbit Feeder vs Manual

The first major consideration is whether you want the best automatic rabbit feeder or if you want a manual feeder.

Automatic feeders are generally more expensive, but come with a few great benefits compared to manual.  Mostly, you can schedule your bunny’s feeding schedule and know with confidence that they will be fed on time every day, no matter what.  Most automatic feeders have back up battery power so they will work even if the power goes out.

Also, many of them have audio and video capabilities, so you can record a personalized message to repeatedly play each time you feed your rabbits.  This way, you can train them and they will know when it’s time to eat.

All around, we recommend leaning towards the best automatic rabbit feeder because they make your life a lot easier and provide consistency for your bunny.

Manual feeders on the other hand require a little more work in the sense that you definitely need to refill them every day.  But they are nice in the sense that you can mount them to your pet’s cage, and most of them are pretty easy to clean.  Manual rabbit feeders are also quite cheap compared to automatic.


Any time you’re dealing with electronics in an automatic feeder, you want to make sure the product is of a high quality.  Especially when the purpose is something so important, feeding your pet!

Buying a low quality feeder might not only result in having to buy a new one after minimal use, but it also presents safety risks.  After all, we are talking about a feeder that your pet uses to get their food – it should be safe and high quality.

Check customer reviews and feedback to make sure there aren’t any issues with faulty electronics in your feeder.  All of the best automatic rabbit feeder choices on this list are quality – we’d use them for our own pets!

Ease of Use/Cleaning

You should have a certain level of comfortability with how to use your automatic rabbit feeder.  Most of them are pretty intuitive and come with an LED display on the feeder along with a phone app.  Just make sure that the instructions are clear and you are confident in your ability to properly use the feeder.

Also, consider how easy the feeder is to clean.  Are there removable parts that are easy to wash?  How easy is it to take apart for the occasional deep cleaning.  Remember, you’ll need to clean your feeder from time to time to ensure that your bunny gets fed on a sanitary surface.


Obviously, you should consider the price of an automatic rabbit feeder.  Most can run a little bit on the expensive side, so you should weigh whether or not the extra features are worth the cost to you.

The other thing to consider is that automatic feeders work for pellets – not hay or grass.  So if you regularly incorporate hay and grass into the diet of your bunny that’s something to take into consideration.

Final Thoughts

Owning a rabbit brings a lot of joy to your life.  Keeping them well fed with a balanced diet will lead to a healthy rabbit and a happy life for them.  The best automatic rabbit feeders help to make that process as easy as possible, and you can relax when you are away from home knowing that your rabbit’s diet is taken care of.

I hope the information in this article has been helpful for you to find the best automatic rabbit feeder!  There are tremendous benefits to having a solid automatic or manual rabbit feeder, and by now you should have an idea of which is best for you.