Cat Mate Automatic Pet Feeder & Water Fountain For Cat Reviews

Cat mate feeder

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About The Brand

Cat Mate is an Australian brand that offers some of the best pet feeders on the market. Aside from the Cat Mate pet feeders, they also offer other pet equipment such as the litter trays, toys but also pet food. Their products have an affordable price point, but at the same time offer high quality.

Great For Busy People

They allow you to schedule your pet’s meals in advance and some even allow you to program the size of the portion. Some even come with ice packs and therefore can keep your food fresh for longer periods of time, which is very convenient for wet food.

Where To Buy Cat Mate Feeders?

The Cat Mate product are found in their physical stores which are available in Australia. However, if you are not from Australia, you can still get their products online. They are available on the Cat Mate official website and also on the Amazon website and other big retailers.

Cat Mate Feeders For Your Pets

Cat Mate Feeder With Ice Pack

Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder with Ice Pack

The first Cat Mate feeder we are going to review here is their feeder bowl that comes with an ice pack. This is actually a two-bowl feeder designed to feed one or two cats when you are away. You can use it to schedule the feeds up to 48 hours in advance.

Each bowl comes with a food capacity of 1 pound and it is mostly designed for wet food. Since wet food cannot stay fresh for as long as dry food can, this feeder uses ice packs. The ice pack is placed under the Cat Mate C20 automatic feeder and it helps to keep the food cold and fresh up to 48 hours. You will have to put the ice packs in the freezer for a few hours prior to using them, so keep that in mind.

automatic wet cat food dispenser

Another great benefit of this Cat Mate C20 automatic 2-meal feeder with an ice pack is the fact that it can be set up super quick and easy. All you have to do is turn each dial to show the number of hours left until next feed. At the scheduled time the lid will open and your pet will be able to eat from it. Turning of the dials is also quite silent and slow so it is easy to use. An additional benefit is a fact that the bowls and the lid can be detached and you can even wash them in the dishwasher.

If you are worried about your pet moving this Cat Mate C20 automatic pet feeder you can purchase the board that can be attached to it. That way you will prevent your pet from making a big mess all over the floor. This product will need alkaline AA battery which is not included in the price. The battery will fit into the timer unit perfectly and you won’t even need the fiddly battery cover.

  • Includes ice packs
  • Suitable for wet food
  • 3-year guarantee


  • No portion size control
  • Only for two meals

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Cat Mate Timer Feeder

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

The next Cat Mate food dispenser here is the C3000 model. This Cat Mate feeder was designed specifically for dry food and it can be used for cats or smaller dogs. It is great for busy people as it will make sure your pet is full and is happy even if you are at work the whole day.

The maximum capacity of this Cat Mate C3000 automatic dry food pet feeder is 6.5 lbs and it the minimum portion size per meal is 2 teaspoons or 10 grams. You will be able to schedule 3 meals a day for your pet. Therefore, if you want your pet to eat small meals multiple times a day, this might be the ideal option for you to avoid your pet to overeat and gain weight.

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

There is also a special feature called the ‘frequent feed’ mode which allows your pet to have more than 3 small meals a day. That is great if your pet has some special dietary requirements, such as diabetes for example. The food hopper, feeding bowl and the lid on this pet feeder are removable and safe to wash in the dishwasher.

To prevent your pet from getting food between feeding times there is a very secure snap-lock lid and a tamper-proof feed nozzle. For more stability, you can fasten it to a wooden board, so there is no chance of your pet knocking it over. The LCD display with control makes it easy to use and program settings on this Cat Mate C3000 automatic dry food cat feeder.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy programming


  • Only for dry food

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Cat Mate Pet Feeder With Digital Timer

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer

The Cat Mate C500 is another one of the Cat Mate automatic feeders. The unique thing about this specific model is the fact that the feeder comes with a digital timer. Therefore it is even easier to use this model. It is suitable for cats and smaller dogs and great for both wet and dry food.

There are five different compartments on this Cat Mate automatic pet feeder which hold up to 11.5 ounces of wet food each. It can also be used for dry and canned food. Since there are 5 compartments, you can serve a maximum of 5 meals per day. That is super convenient if you are away for the day or even over the weekend. They come with the twin ice packs included which help to keep the food fresh for a longer period of time.

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

Setting the desired meal times is super quick and easy. Once you have scheduled feeding times all of the feeds will be visible on the LCD display. The Cat Mate C500 uses 3 of the AA batteries, which don’t come with the feeder. Once you put in all three of batteries they should last you for about 12 months, before you will need to replace them.

  • Good for wet and dry food
  • Uses ice packs
  • Includes digital timer


  • No AC adapter

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Cat Mate Timed Cat Feeder

Cat Mate C10 Automatic Pet Feeder

Next one is the Cat Mate C10 automatic cat feeder. It is a Cat Mate feeder that was designed for a single pet. If you tend to spend a lot of your time at work, with this feeder you won’t have to worry about your pet staying hungry.

With this Cat Mate C10 single meal feeder, you will get a bowl that has the maximum capacity of 1 pound. One of the major benefits is the fact that you can use as for dry, canned or wet pet food feeder. The reason for that is the sealed compartment with a closely fitting lid that keeps your food fresh for longer. You will also be able to use it treats or even medicaments for your pet. The lid and the bowl are removable and you can even wash them in the dishwasher.

Cat Mate C10 Automatic Pet Feeder

The way to use it is super easy and simple. All you have to do is turn the dials to show the number of hours left until the next feed. Once you have set your timer on the feeder, the lid will open at the scheduled time and your pet will be able to eat. One of the cons for this product is the fact that you can only schedule the meals 24 hours in advance.

There is only one AA alkaline battery required, but it isn’t included when you buy the pet feeder. The battery can last up to one full year. And since the battery fits perfectly into the timer unit, you won’t even need a fiddly battery cover. In case of any problems or defects, you will get the three-year warranty included.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good for dry and wet pet food
  • Easy to use


  • Schedules only 24 hours in advance

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Cat Mate Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder

Another one of the Cat Mate feeder models is the C50 model. This one is great if you have a cat or a smaller dog. It can serve your pet up to five meals a day because there are five food compartments included in this timed pet feeder.

One of the major benefits of this C50 Cat Mate model compared to some of their other models is that it can schedule meals even 90 hours in advance. That means your pet can be fed even if you are away for the weekend. The intervals between the meals have to be 4 to 6 hours minimum. The time is set by rotating the dial. There is a rotating lid system and the lid will open at the scheduled time allowing your pet to enjoy their food from this pet feeder.

cat mate automatic cat feeder wet food

There is also twin-pack ice packs included with this Cat Mate C50 automatic pet feeder so you can even use it for wet and canned food. However, keep in mind that even the ice packs can keep the wet food fresh for up to 48 hours and not longer than that. The bowl and the lid can be removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

The overall dimensions of the product are 16.2 x 3.8 x 13.8 inches and it weighs only 4 pounds. This Cat Mate automatic feeder C50 requires 1 AA alkaline battery that can last up to a year. An additional benefit is a fact that it comes with a battery indicator that will let you know when it is time to replace the battery. In the package, you will also get the Cat Mate C50 manual with all of the Cat Mate C50 instructions included. We definitely recommend you to read the Cat Mate C50 instruction manual before using this cat feeder for the first time.

  • Good for wet food
  • Uses ice packs
  • Schedules feed 90 hours in advance


  • Minimum time between meals is 4 to 6 hours

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Cat Mate Drinking Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The last product from the Cat Mate brand we want to mention is their Cat Mate water fountain. This is a product designed as a drinking station that has more levels and heights so it is suitable for both cats and dogs. With this Cat Mate fountain, your pet will be able to stay hydrated at all times.

The capacity of this fountain is 70 ounces and that the water is kept clean at all times. You can also get the bigger one that offers you 200 fluid ounces water capacity. Since this Cat Mate pet fountain comes with an isolated pump it is also very quiet to use. It also has a water ramp that will reduce all of the splashing on your floors and furniture.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Due to the replaceable polymer/activated carbon filter cartridge, the water is fresh and clear at all time and it doesn’t have any bad odors to it. However, it is advised to get the Cat Mate replacement filter cartridges and switch them out every month or sooner if needed. If you don’t the old Cat Mate pet fountain filters might not be able to purify the water as well, which can cause health problems for your pet. It is also advised for the Cat Mate replacement filters to be the original version so your pet waterer can last for a longer period of time.

As we mentioned before, the pump can easily be adjusted so that the flow is directed downwards. That way not only are you minimizing the splashing, but you are also preventing water loss. To make it safer for you to use the Cat Mate water fountain pump comes with a low voltage power supply of 2 Volts. That way you won’t even notice it on your monthly electricity bill. It also comes with a 10-foot long power cord. The Cat Mate pump should also be disassembled and cleaned every couple of weeks.

To make sure you know how to properly use, disassemble and clean all of the parts on this Cat Mate water fountain there is a Cat Mate feeder manual with all of the Cat Mate feeder instructions available online here. We highly advise you to read the Cat Mate instructions before using this product.

  • Fresh and clean water all the time
  • No splashing or spilling


  • Needs to be maintained every week

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Cat Mate Replacement Parts And Maintenance

When it comes to Cat Mate feeders and water fountain, all of them come with a three-year warranty. That means that in case of any manufacturing problems or defects you will get a free repair or replacement if needed. If you need any additional replacement parts or accessories such as the Cat Mate fountain replacement pump, feeding bowls, lids, etc you can check their offer or if you can’t find a particular model, check out the replacement pars too. It is also important to maintain and clean the feeders and the water fountains to make sure they don’t affect the health of your pet.

Conclusion: What is the best Cat Mate pet feeder on the market?

It is really hard to choose the best pet feeder from the brand Cat Mate because their entire product is great quality. However, we think that the Cat Mate C500 model is the best one. The reason for that is the ability to provide 5 meals a day and the digital timer feature which offers the easiest operation so far. If you have a cat or a smaller dog, this product is definitely worth looking into. But, if you think that this is not the best choice for you, read my post about best automatic feeders for cats, best automatic feeders for dogs or the best models in my list about best pet feeders.