Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Programmable Pet Feeder & Waterer

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In this article, you can learn more about the brand itself and read a few reviews on some of their best-selling products when it comes to Petmate food dispenser and waterers.

50 Years Of Experience

The Petmate company is an American company that has been around for the past 50 years. The first product they created was the dog kennel and today they offer a great variety of products. Their most popular models are automatic pet feeders and waterers, but they also offer shelters, toys, bedding, etc. Recently they have expanded their range and offer products for smaller animals such as birds for example.

Eco-friendly Products

Not only is the company focused on producing great quality products, but also on making sure their pet feeders and other products are environmentally friendly and good for your pet’s health. They use plastic form post-industrial, pre-consumer and recyclable materials which are BPA-fee. They also want to reduce the amount of carbon in their pet products, which can be harmful to the pet’s health. They also won the Edison Green Award for their eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.

Made In The USA

Even though you can buy their products worldwide and the company offers international shipping, all of their product is made in the USA. More specifically they are made in their original manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas.

Petmate Le Bistro Pet Feeder Offer

Petmate Automatic Dog Feeder

Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Cat and Dog Feeder

The first Petmate food dispenser we are going to mention in this article is their Aspen Pet Lebistro feeder. It is suitable for both cats and dogs which are at least 7 months old. It will help to keep a regular feeding schedule for your pet, even if you aren’t at home so this is the first automatic dog feeder we will show you.

This Petmate feeder is made for dry food only and comes in two sizes. The smaller has 18 cup capacity and the bigger one has 30 cup capacity. Depending on how many pets you have or how much food your dog tends to eat, you can choose between one of them. Another benefit of this Petmate automatic feeder or food dispenser is the twist-lock lid which will keep the food crunchy and flavourful for longer periods of time. It will also help to keep your pet from accessing stored food.

Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Cat and Dog Feeder

This Aspen pet Lebistro programmable food dispenser is also very easy to program. It comes with a big LCD screen and there you can easily schedule meal times and portion size. It comes with only three buttons, so it is super user-friendly. You can serve the maximum of 3 meals per day and the portion size can vary from ¼ of a cup to 3 cups per one meal.

You can also detach the bowl from the rest of this automatic feeder and wash it separately by hand. The top rack can also be washed in the dishwasher. With the transparent food hopper, you will be able to monitor food levels and make sure you refill it on time. This Aspen pet le bistro programmable feeder works with three of D alkaline batteries which are not included when you buy the feeder.

  • The big LCD screen, easy to program
  • Two sizes to choose from


  • Bowl isn’t dishwasher safe
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Petmate Le Bistro Water Dispenser

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer

The next product we want to mention from the brand Petmate is their gravity waterer. It is designed to provide with fresh and clean water to your pet at all times. It is great for busy pet owners who still want to make sure their pet is hydrated at all times. You can use this gravity waterer for cats and for dogs.

This automatic waterer uses gravity flow technology which will dispense water each time your pet drinks some of it. It has a charcoal filter included which helps to keep the water fresh and clean at all times. However, you need to keep in mind that the filters need to be changed preferably once a month. It also comes with the Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection that will prevent any stains or odors caused by bacteria.

Petmate Pet Cafe Pet Waterer

The water is dispensed slowly, so you don’t have to worry about it splashing all around. When its time to refill the bottle, all you have to do is unscrew it from the bottom. Since this gravity waterer doesn’t use any batteries or electricity, it is safe to use outdoors as well. You can also get this product in four different sizes from half a gallon capacity to 4 gallons capacity. That way you can choose the ideal one according to your pet’s size.

You can also get it in a wide range of colors, to suit your home décor perfectly. The material used to make this Petmate’s automatic dog water dispenser is BPA-free plastic which isn’t going to be harmful to your pet’s health. This product is proudly made in the USA.

  • Includes a charcoal filter
  • Antimicrobial protection


  • The filter has to be replaced monthly
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Le Bistro Programmable Pet Feeder

Petmate Portion Right Programmable Food Dispenser

Another model we want to mention is the Petmate portion right programmable food dispenser. It a pet feeder that is ideal for busy pet owners as it offers you to schedule a few meals a day. It is mostly designed for smaller to medium sized dogs and cats. Here in this review, we are going to mention some of the most important characteristics that are included with this product.

The food capacity of this Petmate portion right programmable pet feeder is 30 cups and it is designed only for dry food. Since it comes with a twist lock lid, the food inside can stay fresher for longer periods of time. The lid can easily be removed when its time to refill the tank.

petmate portion right programmable feeder

It works with three D alkaline batteries which are unfortunately not included in the package. With the big LCD screen, you will be able to easily schedule three meals a day. The smallest portion size you can choose is a quarter of a cup. The food tank is transparent and you will able to see how much food you have left in the gravity feeder. The bowl can be detached from the hopper and you can easily wash the bowl by hand.

  • 30-cup capacity
  • Twist lock lid included


  • No batteries included
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Pet Mate Slow Cat Feeder

Petmate Diggin’ Diner

The next product we want to mention is the Diggin Diner also from the brand Petmate. It is not a programmable feeder like most of the product mentioned here, but it will help your pet to stay healthier and have better feeding habits and it can be a treat dispenser too!

This slow pet feeder product was made for cats and dogs who tend to eat a lot of food very fast. Fast eating isn’t good for pets as it causes bloating, vomiting and obesity in the long run. This feeder comes with the wheel which dispenses food at a slower rate. Bite-sized portions will then drop into the bowl one by one. Aside from it being good for your pet’s health, it is also fun for them and they see it as a toy most of the times.

Pet Mate Slow Cat Feeder

The overall capacity of this slow feeder bowl is 2 cups and it is suitable only for dry food. The dimensions of this Petmate automatic cat feeder are 11.1 x 9.5 x 6.6 inches and it weighs 1.25 pounds. Since the wheel is clear you will be able to see how much food is left inside. Other benefits are the molded edges that prevent skidding and too much noise from happening.

Since it doesn’t use electricity or batteries you can use the feeder both outdoors and indoors. The material used to make this feeder is BPA- plastic. That way it isn’t harmful to your pet’s health at all.

  • Allows your pet to eat slowly
  • No electricity or batteries needed


  • Small capacity
  • No meal scheduling
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Petmate Gravity Feeder

Aspen Pet Lebistro Feeder 5Lb

The last Petmate le bistro feeder we are going to mention is a gravity feeder. This one comes with a 5 lb capacity which you won’t have to constantly refill. It is suitable for dogs of any size and cats too.  Since it has a gravity design your pet will always have a bowl full of food. You can even be away for the weekend and your pet will not stay hungry. To read more about this product, we made this short review.

The bottle of this le bistro pet feeder is made of PET plastic which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your pet. It is also clear and transparent so you always know how much food is left in the tank and when it is time to refill it. The PET plastic bottle is also more sustainable than PVC bottles so it is a great pet feeder.

Petmate Gravity Feeder

The base on this Aspen pet feeder can be removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher. They are spill resistant so there won’t be a mess all around your floors. The bottle can also easily be fastened back to the base. Due to the Microban antimicrobial, there are no bacteria and germs building upon it. Since it doesn’t require electricity, you can also use this feeder outdoors in your back yard, for example.

  • No bacteria buildup
  • Made of PET plastic


  • Small capacity
  • No meal scheduling
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Petmate Replacement Parts And Accessories

For all of the mentioned Petmate models, you can buy additional equipment and accessories or replacement parts on the Petmate’s official website as well as on the Amazon website. The le bistro pet feeder replacement parts may include filters, additional bowls, lids, batteries, and adaptors, etc. The best thing is to buy the original replacement part which is specific for the model you have.

How To Program Petmate Feeder?

Most of the automatic Petmate feeders are very user-friendly and easy to program. There are a few steps on how to do it.

Step 1

You have to press the enter button and hold it until Meals begin to show on the screen. Pres arrow buttons up or down and choose between breakfast, lunch or dinner. After you have selected the wanted meal press the enter button once again.

Step 2

You have to press the enter button until Yes shows up on the screen. Press the arrow down or up to choose the time for the meal. Once you have set the desired time, press enters again.

Step 3

Press the enter button once again and hold it until Meal size pops up on the screen. Then use the same arrows to increase or decrease the portion size. Press enter to select the chosen meal size.

Here you can read a more detailed article on how it is done, or you can simply check out the user manual.

Petmate Pet Feeder Instructions And Manual

Each Petmate product comes with the Petmate manual where you can find all of the instructions on how to properly use it. They can also be found in an online form. These manuals may differ slightly from one model to another, but they are mostly the same. Here you can find the Aspen pet feeder manual with all of the directions and instructions on how to use and maintain the product.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Petmate Feeder Or Waterer?

After reviewing out top five picks from the brand Petmate, it was a difficult task to choose the best one. However, we think that the best one is the Aspen pet Lebistro model. This model is an automatic feeder that can be programmed in advance, which is great for busy pet owners. It has a good capacity, it is user-friendly and in our opinion definitely worth the price. If you are looking for a good pet feeder, we recommend you check this one out or read my post about best automatic pet feeders on the market!