Smart Wi-Fi & Electronic Dog Feeder, Bowl & Treat Dispenser

smart dog food bowl

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Are you looking for a smart dog feeder that will feed your pet for you?

Look no further!

This review is all about the best electronic dog feeders and smart dog bowls for both food and water. We gathered some of the best products in those categories so we hope you will find the best model for you.

Electronic Dog feeders For Busy People

Electronic dog feeders usually come with the smart dog app you can download on your phone and use it to feed your dog no matter where you are. The apps also provide you with reminders when it’s time to schedule the feed or if the food stock is getting low, etc. The feeder uses Wifi at all times to be able to stay connected to the app on your phone

Different Smart Feeder Models

There are many different types of smart feeders for dogs. You can get the traditional smart feeder with a timer, a smart dog bowl or even the smart dog water bowl. If you are away from home a lot you will definitely need the smart feeder with a timer to schedule meals for your pet throughout the day. But if you just want to know if your pet is eating all of its food and if they are getting the right nutrition then the smart pet bowl will be a better option. The water fountains provide your pet with a clear and clean water supply at all times. If you want to treat your pet from time to time, the wifi dog treats dispensers are a great option.

Best Place To Buy Electronic Dog Feeders

You can get these products at bigger stores such as Walmart or Target, but also at the official brand’s websites. The place we definitely recommend when looking for a smart dog feeder is the Amazon website. There you can find all of the product we mention below from authorized sellers and often many great discounts and sales.

Best Smart Dog Feeders For Your Dog

Wifi Dog Treat Dispenser

Dogness Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

The smart dog camera and treat dispenser we are going to mention in this review are by the brand Dogness. It is a very popular product designed to treat your dog even if you are far away from home. Therefore it is perfect for pet owners who tend to spend a lot of their time away from home. It comes with many great features and great quality that can last you and your pet for years!

This smart dog treat dispenser comes with the smart dog app that is free for download for those who purchase the product. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Through the app you can give treats, play and interact with your dog no matter where you are. You can even live to stream a video and monitor what your pet is doing with the full HD camera. It has a wide-angle view and can be used for both day and night time.

Timed Dog Treat Dispenser

There is a two-way chat feature included with this wifi dog treat dispenser that allows you to heat your pet when they are barking and calm them down. That feature can be extremely useful if you live in a building with a lot of neighbors. With the wifi dog feeder, you also get the USB cord and a power adapter. Another benefit is the one year warranty that guarantees you the repair or replacement in case if any defects. This product has CE, FCC and KC certificates as well.

  • Comes with a camera and audio
  • Stream a video of your pet


  • Only for treats

Smart Dog Bowl

Obe ProBowl Smart Dog Food Bowl for Dogs

The next product we want to mention here is the smart dog food bowl by the brand Obe. This ProBowl was specially designed for dogs and their owners to make their lives easier. It is an award-winning wifi dog bowl that helps to detect any health issues, keeps your pet from getting obese or lose weight, monitors certain conditions such as diabetes, etc.

This smart pet bowl is made of FDA approved material and plastic which doesn’t contain any BPA. To make your life even easier it is dishwasher and microwave safe. It has a very sleek design which will fit into your home décor and won’t take up too much of the space in it. The dimensions of the bowl are 7.8 x 7.8 x 3.3 inches. You can get it in another bigger size if you have a bigger dog as well.

obe Smart Dog Bowl

All you need is 4 of the AA batteries which are already included in the package. There is an app you can download on your phone that will calculate the amount of food your pet needs. It will also let you know how much food your dog has eaten and make sure they are getting the nutrition they need. The only downside to this smart feeder dog bowl is the fact that the app can be used for IOS only and the Android version is coming soon.

  • Monitors your pet’s eating habits
  • Comes in two sizes


  • For now, only for iOS

Smart Dog Water Bowl

Uervoton Smart Automatic Electric Dog Cat Water Fountain

The next model we want to share with you is by the brand Uerventon. It is a smart dog water bowl that actually works as a fountain. If you are at work most of the time and you want to make sure your pet has enough fresh water at all times. It has an affordable price, which is another reason why it is a popular product.

There is a PetFun app that you can download on your iPhone or Android device. There you can sign in with your email address and monitor the levels of water at all times. Since it is actually a dog water fountain it has two different working modes for different needs. The first one is the normal mode where the water flows continuously. The second is the smart mode which allows you to pause the flow at any time through the app.

Smart Dog Water Bowl

Another great benefit is the notifications you get when the water levels are getting low. That way you will be constantly reminded to refill the bowl. When there is no water left, the smart dog water bowl will shut down to prevent burning out. The water capacity for this pet water fountain is around 103 ounces which is enough for a couple of days.

The water in this dog water fountain is clear due to filtering it 3 ways. The first is through the ultrafine screen mesh, the second through the activated carbon and lastly through the ion exchange resin. With the product, you will also get the power adapter included.

  • Two stream modes
  • 3-way filtering for clean water


  • Not suitable for large breed dogs

Smart Dog Feeder

DognessS Automatic WiFi Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder

The smart dog food dispenser we are going to mention here is by the brand Dogness. It is an electronic dog feeder with a timer that is great for busy pet owners. This product offers many great features which is why so many people love it.

The capacity for this wifi dog food dispenser is 6.5 pounds of dry dog food. It is not recommended to be used with wet food as it could get stuck. The dimensions of this product are L 16.5 * W 8.66 * H 16.14 inches and it needs to be assembled when you purchase it. The overall weight, without the batteries, is 6.6 pounds.

Smart Dog Feeder

Another great feature is the ability to record a voice message and play it at the scheduled meal time. That way your pet can always have you calling them to eat, even if you aren’t at home at the moment. There is the ability to control the portion size as well to prevent your pet from eating too much. The feeder comes with the HD camera which allows you to monitor your pet at all times and see if they are eating their food.

This electronic dog food feeder has a two-way power supply as well. One is through the batteries and the other through a power adapter. You will also get a 9 feet long power cord included in the package. Another requirement for this wifi dog feeder to have a 2.4Ghz frequency in your home. And you also have to have a smartphone to download the DOGNESS app on it for free.

  • Comes with a camera
  • Dog feeder with a timer


  • Not suitable for wet food

Smart Dog Feeder For Bigger Dogs

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

The last electronic dog feeder we are going to share with you today is the model from the brand PetSafe. It is actually a smart dog feeder that is suitable for larger dogs, which isn’t the case for all the smart feeders on the market. It is suitable for any Apple or Android device where you can download the app that comes with the feeder.

You can program up to 12 meals a day depending on your pets needs. You can also choose the portion size according to your pets height, weight, age, activity levels, etc. The portions can go from 1/8 of a cup to 4 cups per meal. There is also an option that will allow you to feed your cat or dog outside of the normal feeding times. Another feature of this PetSafe feeder is the slow feed option that will dispense the food through 15 minutes which prevents bloating and vomiting from eating too fast.

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder review

This electronic dog food dispenser works with the power adapter, but it can also be used with batteries. You will need 4 of the D-cell alkaline batteries that are not included in the package. If the wifi drops you will still get notified on your phone about the next feed that has been scheduled.

The lid, the hopper, the bowl, and the bowl holder can be removed and washed separately. You can even wash them in the dishwasher to save some extra time. The material used to make this electronic dog feeding machine is BPA-free so it isn’t harmful to your pet’s health. The design is very slim and the dimensions of the feeder are 9 2/5 in. W x 20 1/3 in. L x 12 3/5 in. H.

  • Slow feed mode
  • Set up to 12 meals


  • Not suitable for wet food

Conclusion: What is the best smart dog feeder that is currently available?

It is hard to choose the best smart dog feeder that you can currently buy on the Amazon website. But we think that the PetSafe automatic feeder is the best one out of all. It has a large capacity, ability to schedule up to 12 meals a day and the app compatible with both Android and IOS devices. This is a product that is definitely worth looking into. But, if you aren’t a fan of Wifi pet feeders you can check out the offer in gravity feeders or read my post about best automatic feeders on the market.