Best Smart Wi-Fi Electronic Pet Food Feeder, Bowl & Dispenser

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Have you been looking into ways to make feeding your pets even when you are not at home?

You are at the right place!

Having pets is a big responsibility. It can sometimes be quite a challenge for people who tend to work a lot! That is why people came up with the idea of wifi automatic electronic pet feeders that make your life much easier. Here in this article, we chose the top five picks amongst many that are offered on the market.

What Is A Wifi Pet Feeder?

The regular automatic pet feeders can schedule a few meals a day for your pet to be served, even if you aren’t at home. With the wifi feeders, there is the ability to connect the feeder to the app you can download on your phone. That way you can schedule the feeds through your phone no matter where you are. The only requirement is that there is wifi in your home. These types of feeders are called smart feeders.

Additional Features

Some of these Wifi feeders have additional features such as the cameras that allow you to see what your pet is doing. Some can even calculate the exact portion size your pet will need based on the information such as their age, weight, breed, etc. Another feature some of the models have is the sensor that lets you know if your pet has eaten less than 65 percent of their food. That way you will be able to know if your pet is under-eating which could be an early sign of an illness.

When looking for a smart pet feeder it is important to look through all the features so you can find what is the best for your pet. If you want to find out more about the products we chose as the top five, keep on reading!

Smart Pet Feeders And Food Dispensers

Smart Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats and Dogs

Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

The first smart feeder we want to mention in this article is made by the brand Petnet. It is their automatic feeder which can be used for both cats and dogs. This Petnet smart feeder model is a new and improved version of their SmartFeeder that comes with a few new features.

This smart pet feeder will make sure that your pet’s nutrition is being personalized. That means that you will be able to connect this Petnet SmartFeeder to the app on your phone and you will be able to manage the size of the portions, type of food, feeding times, etc. by using your phone. That way you can be sure that your pet is being fed even if you aren’t at home. The only thing that is required for this pet feeder to work properly is WiFi.

Petnet SmartFeeder 2nd Generation

Also, there are different portion sizes that are available on this automatic cat and dog feeder according to your pets need which are calculated by the app. It uses information such as your pet’s age, weight, height, activity levels, etc. to make sure you are getting the best option for your pet. That way you can stop your pet from overfeeding, becoming obese and developing certain health problems.

Another benefit of this Wifi pet feeder is the fact that it can also monitor the amounts of pet food you have left in your home. Whenever you are running low on the pet food, you can have the ship some more food right to your doors. Overall, this SmartFeeder Petnet is definitely worth looking into.

  • Customize portions to your pet’s needs
  • Monitor eating habits
  • Connect the feeders to your phone


  • Doesn’t have a camera
  • The slope of the bowl isn’t right
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Smart Pet Feeder With Camera

WOpet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Dog and Cat Feeder

The next one of the electronic pet feeders we are going to share with you in this article is the WOpet SmartFeeder model. It is a model that works just like a pet sitter makes your life so much easier when it comes to feeding your pets. If you purchase this model you will be able to feed your pet anytime and anywhere as long as you have your phone with you. It is suitable to use with dogs and cats as it comes with a large food tank.

One of the most unique features that come with this feeder is the HD Camera that can record video and audio and lets you see what your pet is up to at any moment. If you are someone who spends a lot of time at work, this might be a perfect way to check up on your pet. The videos you can see on your phone you are also able to share instantly on social media, which some people find to be a great benefit.

WOpet Timer Programmable Smart Feeder review

You will get to choose between a small and a large dispense tray, depending on your pet and how much they tend to eat. That way you can customize the automatic feeder for your pet’s needs, which is a major plus. It is made for dry food only and you can choose to schedule anywhere from one to six meals per day. The food capacity is about 6.5 L.

The overall size of the product is 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inches. In the box, you will also get one power adapter and a user manual with all of the needed instructions. If you want you can use this WOpet Smart Feeder with three D batteries, which are not included in the price. You will also get a 12-month warranty for the timed pet feeder, starting from the day of the purchase.


  • Comes with a camera
  • Small and a large dispense tray


  • Needs batteries, aren’t included
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Smart Pet Feeder With Voice Recording

Eyenimal NGDISCRO004 Pet Feeder

The next one of the smart feeder models we want to mention here is by the brand Eyenimal. It is a feeder that offers many amazing features and is definitely going to make your life easier. You will be able to schedule the feeding time for your pet with this Eyenimal electronic pet feeder and make sure your pet is fed even when you aren’t at home. It is suitable for both smaller cats and dogs.

There is the ability to schedule up to 12 meals a day and you can even control the size of the portions as well. That way you can prevent your pet from overeating or under-eating as well. With this electronic pet feeder, you will be able to use dry and semi-wet food. All programming can be done through the LCD screen, which is very user-friendly.

eyenimal Timed Feeder With Voice Recording

The material used to make this electronic pet feeder is plastic and steel. The plastic is BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your pet’s health. The bowl and the container can be detached and washed separately. They are also dishwasher safe, which makes it faster to clean. The container can hold up to 60 oz of dry food, which can last you for a couple of days. However, we recommend you to use fresh food every day if you are using wet or semi-wet food.

One unique feature of this smart pet feeder is the ability to record a short 10-second message for your pet. That way your pet can hear you calling them for a meal, even if you aren’t around. That can help them feel less lonely but also create some healthy eating habits. The measurements of this electronics pets feeder are 9.65 inches in length, 51.18 inches in height and 14.96 inches in width. It can work with a power adapter, but also with 3 LR20 D batteries in case the power runs out. When you use the batteries the battery indicator will let you know when the battery levels are running low.


  • Records your voice
  • Set up to 12 meals a day


  • It can use semi-wet food but not recommended
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Slow Pet Food Dispenser

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

Another one of the pet food dispenser models is this Petsafe electronic feeder. It is their Healthy Pet feeder which can be used with both cats and dogs. It works as an electronic portion control automatic pet feeder which will make sure your pet maintains some positive eating habits at all times. Although it is not a smart feeder, this feeder is very popular because it has the slow feed mode you will read about soon.

The overall food capacity of the tank it comes with is 24 cups of pet food. It is suitable to use only with dry food and the wet pet food is not recommended. You will also get a bowl that has a capacity of 5 cups. With this automatic electronic pet feeder, you will be able to schedule about 12 meals per day, which is great if you have one or more pets in your home. Even though you might have scheduled meals for that day, you can always feed your pet outside of those times and that will not interfere with the existing schedule.

PetSafeHealthy Pet Simply Feed™ 12-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder review

When you purchase this electronic pet feeder you will automatically have two meals set per day. Those will be at 8 am in the morning and at 5 pm in the evening. You can, however, customize the schedule so that it fits the needs of your pets. Another great feature is the ability of prolonging food dispersion over the course of 15 minutes. That can help your pet to eat slower and prevent health problems such as bloating and vomiting.

The lid, the bowl, and the hopper are all made to be dishwasher safe, which will save you some additional time. It is mostly made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic material. That is why this is one of the most durable electronic pets feeders there is on the market. It is definitely worth the price and we strongly recommend you to look into this model.


  • Slow feed mode
  • Made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic


  • Not an actual smart feeder
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Programmable Electronic Pet Feeder

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

The last one of the wifi automatic pet feeders is another model by the brand PetSafe. It is their Smart Feed electronic feeder that can be used for cats and for dogs. It comes with an app for your smartphone, which then allows you to schedule all of your pet’s meals over the phone. That is just one of the many great features, this model has to offer. If you are curious to know more, just keep on reading.

The app can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone for free. Using the app you can schedule up to 12 meals a day and the exact amount of portion you want your pet to be served. They can go anywhere from 1/8 of a cup to 4 cups all at once. You can also choose for the food to be dispersed over a 15 minute period of time. That way your pet is less likely to get any kind of bloating or vomiting since they will be eating their food slower with this feeder.

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder review

This Petsafe electronic pet feeder comes with a power adapter that needs to be plugged into a power source. Also, you can get the battery pack of 4 D cell alkaline batteries as a backup if the power ever runs out. The batteries are unfortunately not included in the price. Another great benefit of this programmable electronic pet feeder is the fact that even if your WiFi drops, your pet will still get its next scheduled meal. Because it uses power, this model is suitable to use only indoors.

All of the parts on this electronic pet food dispenser are detachable and can be washed separately. The lid, the bowl, the hopper, and the bowl holder are dishwasher safe, which will make the cleaning process much faster as well. Two of the materials used to construct this automatic pet feeder wifi are BPA-free plastic and stainless steel.


  • Has an app for your smartphone
  • Slow feed mode


  • Can use batteries, but aren’t included
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Conclusion: What Is The Best Smart Pet Feeder?

We would recommend the WOpet smart feeder as it is one of the best ones on the market. One of the unique features it comes with is the HD camera that lets you see what is happening with your pet at all times by using the app on your phone. It also has good container capacity, can schedule up to 6 meals a day and it is overall a great product. If you aren’t sure that wifi pet feeders are the ones for you then I recommend you to read my post about gravity pet feeders or even timed dog feeders. If you aren’t sure which one is better for your pet, check out my list of best pet feeders and find the perfect model.