Top 5 Timed Programmable Pet Feeders & Food Dispensers Reviews

timed food dispenser

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Have you been spending a lot of time at work and your pets eating habits might suffer because of it?

Then one of these timed food dispensers for your pet is all you need!

In this short buying guide, we introduce you to the electronic pet feeders and share with you some of the best programmable food dispenser models you can get for your pet.

How To Program Automatic Pet Feeder?

The automatic pet feeder with timer is a modern version of a traditional pet feeder. It comes with an LCD screen where you can schedule your pet’s meals, times of the meals and the portion size. It is all super easy to use and the programming can be done within a couple of seconds. That way your pet will get their food served even if you aren’t at home. Depending on the model you choose, there are a different number of meals that can be served per day. To get the answers to questions such as ‘How to program PetMate feeder?’ or ‘How to program PetSafe feeder?’ or any other model, you can check out the user manuals that come with it for detailed instructions.

Gravity Feeder vs Timed Feeder

Traditional gravity feeders will disperse the food any time the bowl is empty. That can lead to your pet over-eating their food and becoming obese, which can lead to many other health problems. The timed feeders are better because they only disperse food at the scheduled times. That way you don’t have to worry about your pet overeating as you can control the portion size. However, gravity feeders don’t require any electricity or batteries, while the timed do. But, since your pet’s health is the most important, we definitely recommend you to get a timed feeder.

For Indoor Use Only

Almost all automatic pet feeders are programmable and designed to be used indoors. They need a power source to work whether that is through USB or batteries. Therefore it isn’t the safest thing to use them as the outdoor automatic pet feeder with a timer as it can be quite dangerous for your pet in different weather conditions.

Most Popular Electronic Timed Pet Feeders

Gravity Programmable Pet Feeder

Petmate Portion Right Programmable Food Dispenser

The first one of the timed pet food dispenser models we want to share with you is the Petmate Portion Right Programmable Food Dispenser. It is a very popular model as it comes with many great features.

The Petmate pet feeder is available in two different versions depending on how much food capacity you need. The smaller one can hold up to 18 cups of pet food, while the bigger one can store about 30 cups. That is a decent amount of food that can last for a couple of days, depending on how much your pet tends to eat. Another great benefit is the twist lock lid that helps to keep the food you put inside fresher and it is super easy to remove when it’s time to refill it.

petmate portion right programmable feeder

This Petmate Programmable Portion Right food dispenser is ideal for all of those pet owners who aren’t at home most of the time. It offers a feature of releasing certain amounts of food at specific times so that your pet wouldn’t stay hungry waiting for you to come home. With the big LCD screen, meal scheduling and choosing the right portion size is easier than ever. You can even set it for up to three meals per day, which is what most pets need anyways. The smallest portion that can be dispersed is a quarter of a cup, which is great if you don’t want your pet to overeat.

The bowl that comes with this Petmate programmable food dispenser can be detached and it is super easy to wash it. That way you don’t have to worry about microbes and bacteria collecting in the bowl. The food station itself is very stable and the bowl is locked into the stand. That way your pet won’t be able to knock it over and make a mess. This Petmate portion right programmable feeder needs three D cell alkaline batteries but you have to buy them separately.


  • Detachable bowl for easier cleaning
  • Schedule every meal
  • Twist-lock lid prevents accidental opening


  • Batteries aren’t included
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Slow Feed Timed Feeder

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

The next timed food dispenser we are going to mention in this article is the Petsafe electronic pet feeder. This is a very popular programmable pet feeder that is suitable for both cats and dogs. You will be getting a great quality product that will help your pet to have some regular eating habits even when you aren’t at home.

The capacity of this Petsafe timed feeder is about 24 cups of dry pet food, while the bowl can hold up to 5 cups at once. That should be enough for small and middle-sized pets. One of the major benefits that this programmable electronic pet feeder comes with is the ability to program and schedule up to 12 meals. There is also something called the Immediate Feed Mode option that allows you to feed your pet even if there isn’t a scheduled meal. Also if you want to stop the feeding schedule, but still keep it saved, you can just use the Pause Feed Mode.

PetSafeHealthy Pet Simply Feed™ 12-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder review

The size of the portion can be set anywhere between 1/8 of a cup and 4 cups and you can even choose the food to be dispensed slowly over a period of 15 minutes so your pet doesn’t eat too much food at once. It is automatically set so that the food is being served two times a day- at 8 am and at 5 pm, but you can change it according to your needs.

The entire dispenser on this time release pet food dispenser is designed to be pet-proof so that your pet cannot sneak into it. Also, the lid, the hopper, the bowl and its holder on this Petsafe electronic feeder are dishwasher safe, but you can also wash them by hand if you want to. This automatic pet food dispenser with timer is made of BPA-free plastic which makes it healthy for your pet and not bad for the environment either. The rest is made of stainless steel and can last you for many years.


  • Slow feed mode
  • Program up to 12 meals
  • Some parts are dishwasher-safe


  • Power adapter sold separately
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Timed Feeder With Voice Recording

Eyenimal NGDISCRO004 Pet Feeder

The next one of the timed pet feeder models we want to review is by the brand Eyenimal. It is a small pet feeder that comes with many great features. If you are looking for a way to maintain your pet’s eating schedule, even when you are not home, this model is definitely worth looking into. This pet feeder can be used for cats and smaller dogs.

To ensure your pet is eating their food at regular intervals each day, you can set this time release pet food dispenser to disperse up to 12 meals a day. That way you will prevent your pet from becoming obese and also, make sure they are happy, fed and healthy. One meal can contain up to 10 grams of pet food, preferably dry or semi-wet. An additional benefit is the LCD screen that makes the programming and scheduling meals super fast and easy.

eyenimal Timed Feeder With Voice Recording

It is mostly made of food-safe plastic that isn’t harmful to your pet’s health. The bowl and the container can be detached and washed separately to make sure no bacteria are collecting between them. They are also dishwasher safe, which will make your job even easier. The capacity of the food container is 60 oz of dry pet food. With this good quality Eyenimal electronic pet feeder you will also get a 2-year warranty in case of any defects.

One of the best features this automatic electronic pet feeder is the ability to record a 10-second message for your pet. That way your pet will always hear your voice calling him to eat, even if you aren’t at home. That can help your pet to feel less lonely when you are at work most of the day. The dimensions of the product are L 9,65″ x H 51,18″ x W 14.96″. You will also need 3 of the D-LR20 batteries, 1.5V, which are not included in the package. But with the battery level indicator, you will always know when the battery levels are getting low.


  • Record a 10-sec message
  • Disperses up to 12 meals per day
  • 2-year warranty


  • Only for small dogs or cats
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Large Capacity Pet Feeder With Timer

Paws And Pals Automatic Cat Feeder Dog Food Dispenser

Paw large capacity automatic programmable pet Feeder is another great model that falls into the electronic portion control automatic pet feeder category. The brand Paws And Pals is a well-known brand that makes high-quality accessories for pets. This feeder can be used for cats and dogs, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular lately.

This electronic pet food dispenser comes with a very large capacity of 45 cups. That is enough for 90 meals, which is not something many pet feeders can do. That is why this feeder is great for small, medium, but also large pets that tend to eat a lot more. The recommended portion depends on the size of your pet, but for a smaller pet is about half a cup. This timed feeder is a great way to stop your pet from over eating, getting obese and having many other health issues that come along with it.

paw large capacity automatic programmable pet feeder

You will get an LCD screen to make the programming and scheduling super quick and easy. Another great feature of this cat and dog food dispenser is the built-in voice recorder and a speaker that allows you to record your voice and call your pet for a meal. That way your pet will feel like you are with them, even if you are away from home for the entire day.

With the built-in sensors, you will be able to prevent the feeding tray from overloading if your pet hasn’t finished their previous meal. All parts of this automatic programmable pet feeder can be disassembled and cleaned separately. There are also two ways you can use this programmable pet food dispenser- with a USB cord and with 4 D batteries for backup. That way even if the power runs out, your pet will not stay hungry.


  • Built-in sensors to prevent food overloading
  • For cats and dogs
  • LCD screen


  • Timer has troubles from time to time
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Smart Timed Feeder

Wopet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

The last one of the timed pet food dispensers we want to mention in this article is by the brand WOpet. It is their automatic feeder that can be used to feed your pet anytime and anywhere. It is a bit different than the rest of the models we mentioned here because it uses WIFI and can be connected to the app on your phone. You can schedule feedings in advance or feed your pet manually and do all of that over your phone!

The number of portions that can be served per meal is anywhere between 1 and 39 and the size of the portion is 5 g. You can schedule up to 6 meals a day and set the exact amount of food for each of the meals. Keep in mind that this timed food dispenser for pets is suitable only for dry food that is anywhere between 0.2 and 0.6 inches in diameter.

Wopet Smart Timed Feeder

One of the most unique features with this feeder is the HD camera for both voices as well as video recording. That way you can connect the camera on it to the app on your phone and see, hear and talk to your pet. The app is free for all of the iOS/Android users. However, keep in mind that the WiFi in your home needs to be a 2.4GHz frequency in order for the pet feeder to work.

Just like most of the electronic pet feeders, this one can work with a power adapter or 3 D batteries. In the box, you will get the Wopet Feeder, along with a power adapter and a manual with all of the instructions on how to use it. The batteries aren’t included and you will have to buy them separately. You can also get a full refund within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the product, 12-month warranty and 24/7 technical support in case of any questions you might have.


  • Comes with HD camera and audio recording
  • Schedule up to 6 meals per day
  • App control


  • Portions are up to 5g
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Conclusion: What Is The Best Timed Food Dispenser For Pets?

After reviewing some of the best programmable auto pet feeder models on the market, we chose the Petmate Portion Right programmable feeder as the best one so far. It comes with a great capacity and double lock lid so you can be sure your pet won’t break in. Therefore, it will be perfect for you whether you have a small, medium or large pet. That timed feeder model comes with many other great features and is definitely a great investment. But, if you are more interested in gravity pet feeders or smart Wifi enabled pet feeders read my post about best automatic pet feeders because I have covered many different types on the list.