Benefits of Using an Automatic Pet Feeder

What if you could spend a major part of your day at work, school, or with friends and come home to the knowledge that your cat has been well fed? We’ll tell you what though, you’ll be less worried while away and have the satisfaction that your pet is well taken care of. This and many more are some of the benefits of using an automatic pet feeder for your cat.

In the same vein, the best cat feeder in the market has been designed to ensure that your pet’s necessity for the day is supplied regularly. What this means is that if your pet is an early riser who demands a meal after they’re awake or you’re held up at work/traffic, then there’s no need to worry. Rather, you can then think of how best to snuggle close to they while asleep or give them pet wet food when you’re finally home.

What Are Automatic Pet Feeders?

An automatic pet feeder is a unit that comes with programming instructions that determine the amount of food or portions that should be dispensed and when. Some feeders feature WIFI which allows them to be controlled using a smartphone. As a consequence, it saves pet owners from leaving too much food behind or forgetting to do so entirely.

Some feeders, on the other hand, accept batteries and AC adapter in order to be still functional even when there is a power outage. Nonetheless, the feeder does not replace human care but helps you give more attention to your cat.

These aside, you can purchase pet feeders in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, as with several other countries. First, you can rely on the reviews of customers on reputable e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Best Buy, Kmart, Walmart, Amazon, and Aliexpress. There’s also the option of settling for a seller near you.

Have you ever wondered if automatic cat feeders are a good idea? If so, you should know that there are several benefits your cat stands to gain and taking a look at some of these units will convince you that getting one can help. Accordingly, some of the benefits you and your cat can derive from using this new smart pet technology product include the following:

1. Takes away guilt:

You love your pet no doubt, but the tendency to forget that you haven’t fed them while away for the weekend or business trip is still there. Even when you’ve recalled, there may be no one at home or neighbour to check in on them. That is why an automatic pet feeder for cat is the right solution for pet owners.

In the end, this takes away the guilt that you may have been a bad parent to your pet because let’s face it, you may be concerned about leaving them alone for long hours, but you can make up in good diet by ensuring that they are fed as at when need. Therefore, here’s an advantage of using the best automatic pet feeder and water.

2. Control your cat’s weight:

Do you know that cats can grow overweight and a study has also discovered that 58 percent of cats in the U.S. are obese?

Because it’s true. The problem with growing too fast is that the bones grow faster as well which could lead to the thinning of the joint cartilage. For this reason, a degenerative disorder such as joint pain or arthritis may be inevitable in the near future.

So you see, obesity has the potential to lead to serious medical concerns in your furry friend. However, an intelligent automatic pet feeder offers an easy and efficient means of preventing excessive feeding in your cat. It controls how much the cat eats, how fast, and how often and as such, this is a pro of using an automatic cat feeder. Thus, for cats that only stop eating when the food is finished, this is needful.

3. You disassociate yourself from food:

Cats love to eat and they demand to be fed when they are hungry in order not to get restless. That would mean having to get up severally during the day and at night just to get them fed and it could be as early as 5 AM or 6 AM. This is because, without you or the physical presence of another person, your pet won’t get fed and that will be accompanied by loud meows.

However, you can use a programmed unit with instructions to do all the work while you’re sleeping peacefully. This will most be appreciated if your cat has kept you up for a while. Consequently, your presence or absence is not a determinant as to how often they feed which, therefore, disassociates you from the food that they are eating.

4. Fresh food for each meal:

Unarguably, pet’s food can go stale and while that does not come as a surprise, it can be a problem if you have a picky cat. You don’t think that they can tell between fresh and stale food? Then that’s far from the truth because they actually can. Thus, if you have a selective pet, then it goes without saying that you need an automatic feeder.

A feeder allows you to release some portion of food depending on the size you’ve programmed it. The other part can still sit comfortably within its closure and as such, it is as fresh as it can be. Therefore, this keeps your cat happy while ensuring that you don’t waste food due to staleness.

5. Convenience:

A smartly built unit takes away the need to measure a certain amount of food for your pet whenever it’s time for their next meal since you only need to refill the feeder bowl once before it runs out. There is also the advantage that these feeders are dishwasher safe; if you have a long list of other things to do, then manually feeding your pet and cleaning the feeder has been chopped off the list.

That being so, you would’ve successfully saved yourself a couple of minutes and if added up can be totally worth it. You can opt to spend that saved minutes with your pet or a family member. Lest we forget, knowing that you have fewer things on your schedule can be quite relaxing.


We could go on and on but the outlined above are some of the most important benefits of using an automatic pet feeder for your cat. Thus, the take-home is that an automatic pet feeder can help to keep your cat healthy, save you the time and energy and give you the confidence that your furry friend is well taken care of whether you’re around or miles away.

If that’s what you look forward to, it begins with choosing the right cat feeder in the market that has been designed to stand the test of time, while serving its purpose to the fullest. These units are from different brands/manufacturers such as Andrew James, Kokoba, Jempet, Knox, Gask, and some feature a camera (pet camera). As a result, there is a wide range to choose from depending on size, functionality, and most especially, your budget.

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